Eat Does Pot Luck

EAT has been taking its name very literally recently with the first round of our Pot Luck completed. On the last Friday of each month, a team of 5-6 people cook a themed lunch for the whole office. The deal is that everyone puts in a nominal amount of money into the 'Pot' and in return everyone gets a selection of three main courses and two desserts (and enough for drinks, of course).

First up was team number ONE. It's always hard going first - on one hand you set the benchmark for the rest of the competition and on the other you can't learn from anyone else's mistakes. In saying that, the team did an exceptional job with some of the highlight dishes being a 'drunken chicken soup' and a very Kiwi/Aussie pavlova with summer berries. 

It wasn't long before everyone started getting a little competitive and themes started ramping up a notch. Team TWO decided on Eurovision as their theme and produced some delishes European dishes such as a Danish Smorgasbord and a lemon granita. Extra points for the Eurovision soundtrack in the background!

And rounding off the first round was Team THREE, which happened to be my team. We thought we'd have a bit of fun with the theme and decided on street food, aptly naming our restaurant 'StrEAT'. The theme was based around hawker-style food with standout dishes such as crackling pork sliders, jerk chicken and tequila beef burritos. Bunting and cardboard box displays set the mood as did the very tropical 'Schoolies in Kuta' cocktails.

We're about to enter into Round Two, which we're all eager to get into! A big thank you to Harvey for organising it all, it's been great fun!



As you may or may not know, the annual Indesign event has just recently passed us by and we were lucky enough here at EAT to get along to some of the showrooms on a sunny late Winter's day. Alternating between Melbourne and Sydney each year, the two-day event did not disappoint. Starting in Richmond, the team explored the showrooms along Church Street before making our way across to Collingwood where we finished up with drinks at Cafe Culture + InSitu. It was a great event all round, giving us a great excuse to get up-to-date with all the local and international products. We look forward to the next one!

Timber table details and recycled wooden floor lamps.

Suspended string installation and hanging planters along Church Street.

The team planning their next move; Wenying plays Signature's 'Wheel of Fortune'


Thanks Harvey for the photos and happy Monday everyone!


Jonathan Delafield Cook


I've recently discovered the very talented artist Jonathan Delafield Cook and his amazing collections. I am amazed that these aren't photographs, they're actually created using either charcoal on paper or oil on canvas.  You can learn more about him here.


Sou Fujimoto / Sofitel Melbourne

House N, Oita, Japan; Serpentine Pavilion, London, UK

A few weeks ago, EAT very generously took the team to listen to Sou Fujimoto talk about his work and practice at the Sofitel Melbourne. It was extremely inspiring to listen to such a passionate and considered architect talk about his love of nature and simplicity as well as his love of Tokyo and how the city inspired some of his most renowned works. He really took you on a journey from the early concept stages of the project to the final outcome, even making some of his most complex projects seem almost simple.

Collectively, the public toilet was our favourite. It has become such a tourist destination that it needs its own public toilets - go figure!

Fujimoto Public Toilet, Ichihara, Japan.

Albert is currently in Japan for a series of lectures so keep an eye on his Instagram for photos here

Oki Sato // Nendo

Happy Friday!

I've been a long-time admirer of Oki Sato and the work his studio, Nendo, creates. Their originality is truly inspiring - below are just a few of my favourites. In a perfect world, I'd buy the whole Nendo collection!


Thin Black Lines Chair & Table for Saatchi Gallery of London


Coat Rack from the Splinter Collection for Conde House; Fadeout Chair for Museum of Modern Art, NY 


Armchair from the Splinter Collection for Conde House;  Minimalist Bathroom in Larch Wood for Bisazza Bagno.


Have a great weekend!