EATX - March Edition

Once again we are so fortunate to have such fantastic suppliers with amazing product. We just received some new chairs for out EATX Space and we love them!

From top left (clockwise):

1. W Chair - Cafe Culture + Insitu

2. Grillage Dining Chair - Domo

3. Unam Out 01 - Mobi Contract / MAP

4. Autumn Chair - Stylecraft 


Thanks again Cafe Culture + Insitu, Domo, MAP & Stylecraft! 


Our 15th Birthday Bash

As promised, here is a compilation of photos from our big birthday bash the other week. It was an amazing night and a fantastic way to celeberate the life of Architects EAT and recognise all the clients, builders, suppliers and consultants that have made it possible.



Celebrating 15 Years of Architects EAT

(Top to Bottom) The Originals: Eid, Albert & Thomas; The 2004 Team; The 2006 Team; The 2013 Team; The 2015 Team!

Last week, we celebrated our 15th birthday and, naturally, we had a party to celebrate!

From what started as a three man operation has now grown into a 20+ strong team able to deliver large scale projects all over Australia and even across Asia. It's amazing to look at the development of EAT so over the next few posts we will be showing you bits and pieces on the life of EAT over the years.

Photos from our 15th Birthday Bash are up next! 

Gabriella Folding Chair by Gia Ponti for Hub Furniture

For the past week, we were fortunate enough to have been loaned these beautiful 'Gabriella' Folding Chairs by Hub Furniture. Designed by Gia Ponti based on their original 1960s design for Molteni, we love the foldable aspect and seemingly disproportinate backrest. Oddly it all seems to work, not to mention they are extremely comfortable!

Thank you Hub Furniture! 



Another season of Archisoccer is fast coming to an end!

With our last match of the season before finals against Six Degrees tomorrow night, we're excited to be top of the ladder. Moving from Division 4 to Division 3, the games have been a lot tighter and more evenly matched this season. WIth one match to go, we are currently on 4 WINS, 2 DRAWS and 1 LOSS. Not bad at all!

It's been another really fun season with ALMOST everyone from the office taking part at some stage or another. We're pretty pumped about the upcoming finals and hope to make it one better than last year and get to the Final!

Who knows, with our recent form we might even take out the Cup...