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Parure House on Sydney Morning Herald and Domain

We have been super busy in the past couple of months, as projects are at their cross over stages, some are finishing and a lot are starting, which is all very exciting!

We are delighted to see our project Parure House features on last weekend's Sydney Morning Herald and online at Domain, thanks to our close friend Stephen Crafti for getting this up for us smile If you are interested in the article, you can find it here, it also features the beautiful Skylight House in Sydney by Chenchow Little Architects.


Slip House caught our eye

A few months ago, David Adams from The Age Domain, asked us to nominate a residential project that we've been particularly impressed with this year. Albert has then chosen Carl Turner Architects' wonderful Slip House in Brixton UK, and you can read the article here

Parure House in Australian Financial Reveiw

Parure House is featured in the weekend Australian Financial Review, as part of the "Do Your Homework" article by Stephen Crafti. If you have missed it, you can find the online eidition here.

Polished gem

The Parure House is featured on the Age (Melbourne) Magazine, and it’s the first time that they have a EAT project, hooray!

Shopping by design

Our director Eid Goh was interviewed by the Australian Financial Review for his opinion on shopping and hospitality design, of course, he is an expert, he designed all of our shopping malls projects at EAT!