Hokkaido Cheese Tart

  • Stainless Steel
  • glass
  • stone
Completed (2017)

The brief called for a very efficient and logical layout- considering product preparation and display, and the flow of staff and patrons. The proportions of the space, 4.2 wide by 10.4m deep, naturally lent itself to an elongated front of house, allowing patrons to enter and exit through the same channel, while also maximising the merchandise display and marketing along the shopfront and queuing areas.

A simple material palette of predominantly stainless steel, stone and glass have been incorporated throughout; blurring the boundaries between equipment and installation. Simple junction details support the clean and somewhat sterile surface materials, together creating an uncomplicated canvas that allows the hero’s to stand out- the yellow cheese tart, iconic HBCT packaging and Brand signage.

One of the main features in the space is the veined marble counter which balances effortlessly on 2 circular barrels, forming a pedestal for the main product display along the queuing area.

Lighting was carefully considered throughout, insuring that the true colour render of the yellow tart and packaging was exhibited. Glass pendants were positioned above the tart display to further emphasize the product, like a spotlight on a stage.


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